Agave Girl ~ Jen Len

We live in a world where it is still perceived that the liquor industry is predominantly run by men. But as a girl who is working every day to make a name for herself in this trade, I can certainly say that I have met my share of strong, confident and talented women who are leading the way with their passion and expertise, and are inspiring other ladies to do the same. To these inspiring women in my life, I have dedicated my Agave Girls section to highlight their inspiration and their accomplishments during the month of May.

JEN LENJen Len started her food & beverage career in Hawaii at her family’s Chinese restaurant on the island of Oahu. You could say it runs in the family as she continued to work in restaurants when she moved to Long Beach, CA for college. She always had her sights on the bar intrigued by the fast pace, pour styles, & drink knowledge that bartenders displayed. Jen started taking her bar education further when she met sommelier Michael Shearin & then bartender Jaymee Mandeville at Drago Centro in Downtown Los Angeles. There, she pushed her studies of both wine & spirits. A few years later she took a Mixologist & Assistant Sommelier position at the Jonathan Club and continued her bar studies with Allan Katz & Danielle Crouch at Cana Rum Bar. Jonathan Club’s history since 1895 lends huge inspiration when creating drinks for this members-only club whether it’s classic or chef & urban garden-driven. She now creates & oversees all cocktail programs at both the club’s properties and continues her wine & spirits studies.

Follow Jen’s travels, creations and inspiration on twitter and instagram @eatrecklessly

 Photography by: Caitlin Stansbury | Beverage Director/Sommelier at Jonathan Club & a huge inspiration & supporter of women everywhere! 


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