Lust for Life

lust for life

With December comes a time to put on cozy oversized sweaters, cuddle up next to a warm fire and reminisce about the wonderful memories we forged next to friends and loved ones during the year. But there also comes a time to think about what lies ahead and how we plan to renew ourselves for […]

La Cabrona

el cabron

Suffering from a terrible case of the Mondays?? Instead, shake off those Monday blues with a little help from Cocktail Academy with this delicious cocktail: La Cabrona 1.5 oz La Niña del Mezcal 3/4 oz blood orange juice 3/4 oz lime juice 1/2 oz agave syrup Sal de Jamaica Shake, strain, and serve in a […]

Beso Manzanilla with Cointreau

beso manzanilla

Dicen que al mezcal se le dan besos, no tragos. They say you’re supposed to kiss mezcal, not drink it, referring to the way we pucker our lips when we take a sip of a fine mezcal. Which is why this cocktail couldn’t be more appropriate. Beso Manzanilla 3/4 Cointreau Camomille 3/4 Mezcal 3/4 Blanco […]

Dulce Patria: Mezcal y Folclore Mexicano

coctel mezcal dp

Lo prometido es deuda, y si de cocteles se trata, Dulce Patria es uno de los mejores lugares en la Ciudad de México para disfrutar de una tarde llena de colores, sabores y por supuesto mezcal! En mi última visita a este altar de la cocina Mexicana, probamos un coctel llamado La Milagrosa.  El sabor […]

Cocteles con Mezcal con el Chef Jesus Gibaja

jesus gibaja y la nina del mezcal

La semana pasada tuve la fortuna de estar con el Chef Jesús Gibaja en su programa “La Cocina de.” transmitido por Unicable. Nada me hace más feliz que ver la respuesta de la gente por querer aprender más acerca del mezcal y querer disfrutarlo en casa a través de los cocteles que preparamos. A todos […]

In honor of National Negroni Week


As most of you know, last week was National Negroni Week in the United States. So when my brother (new to the classic cocktail scene) was surprised to hear me order a ‘Negroni’ at one of Mexico City’s hippest new restaurants: Anatol, I decided to take a dive into cocktail history to explain to him […]

Mezcal Mondays, Repeal day and a little bit of history…


Just in time for Repeal day… well, this one may not have anything to do with repeal day in the US, but just like booze was prohibited in the 20’s, mezcal was once a prosecuted spirit in Mexico! The prohibition of mezcal by the state in Mexico began in 1785, when the Spanish Crown prohibited […]

Craft Cocktails circa 1915


Many times I had heard of Venice Beach before, and many times I had pictured Leonardo Di Caprio standing against the sunset in a floral print shirt. I had never been to Venice and it was only until Armando (Producer of La Niña del Mezcal) told me to go to the heart of it to […]

La Niña en Rose


Drinking mezcal is like viewing the world through rose colored glasses. We live in a world where we are bombarded stressful situations, left and right, it is only proper to indulge every once in a while with a delicious cocktail and view life in a lighter, and perhaps pinker, way. LA NIÑA DEL MEZCAL EN […]

Hendrick’s Gin: A most unusual affair

hendricks gin

Few things can come between me and my mezcal… but given the right time and place I could only dare of cheating on my favorite spirit with the charming, delightful and captivating Hendrick’s Gin. After being an avid mezcal drinker for quite some time now, I must confess that my senses have become sharper and […]

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