La Niña del Mezcal Tasting Alchemy Bottle Shop | June 14th Oakland CA


Oakland: Join me this Sunday June 14th at Alchemy Bottle Shop from 2-5pm as I’ll be pouring all the Niñas from Oaxaca, including the Espadin, Madrecuixe, and our brand new Pechuga varietals. Don’t miss your chance to learn about the process first hand, all while sipping some delicious mezcal. Alchemy Bottle Shop Sunday June 14th | […]

Agave Girl ~ Marie Elena Martinez

cabo marie

In between five course meals, flights, and our multiple attempts to take over the world Marie and I finally coincided in the same city, if only for a couple of hours, and met for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in DF: Chef Justin Ermini’s Anatol. One decadent gin and tonic and one La […]

Agave Girl ~ Camille Austin

camille austin

Long gone are the days when mezcal was referred to as Tequila’s unsophisticated cousin. Mezcal and its multiple array of varietals have opened up our senses to an endless range of floral, herbal, spicy and citric notes (to name a few) that make it one of the most complex spirits in the world. In a society where […]

Agave Girl ~ Karen Grill

karen grill

There is no doubt Karen Grill has been dominating the Los Angeles bar scene lately, and she’s also doing it in style. Proving girls can do it better, in her always flawless signature look, her recent win at last week’s LA Viva Sangrita Tequila Ocho competition is only one more addition to the list of her […]

Agave Girl ~ Jen Len


We live in a world where it is still perceived that the liquor industry is predominantly run by men. But as a girl who is working every day to make a name for herself in this trade, I can certainly say that I have met my share of strong, confident and talented women who are […]

Agave Girls Roadtrip 2015 #LaninaMX


May has just begun, and it seems like life over the last couple of months has been on a nonstop whirlwind of experiences, excitement, and encounters with some of my favorite people in the industry. April began on a high note when I met Éva Pelczer, Jen Len, and Hilary Chadwick (3 of my favorite […]

2014 Winter Boxes de Lactography

winter box

Las Winter Boxes de Lactography traen lo mejor de los productos artesanales Mexicanos a tu mesa esta Navidad! Las winter boxes de los lactografos nacen con la idea de llevar a la mesa productos honestos, de calidad, 100% mexicanos, y por supuesto no podía faltar el mezcal de La Niña del Mezcal! Descripción Los productos […]

Cocktail Academy and La Niña @ The TASTE!


Growing up in California, I often found myself daydreaming of stardom. I would picture  myself one day living in Hollywood, amongst the stars, and driving my convertible through a big studio lot, heading toward an audition for the next big musical film. As it turns out, life’s journey takes many twists and turns and the […]

A Signature Drink


Life is always about making choices. What school you’re going to, what you will be when you grow up, who will you marry, and even what you would like to drink. If I have learned anything during the past 25 years of my life, it is that every decision you take will define the next. […]


Conoce el espacio donde se promueve, degustan y venden productos artesanales de calidad a través de esta colaboración de Fernando Carbajal La Carmela con Alvaro J Gomez G para Gourmetepec. Los esperamos en la siguiente edición de la República Gastronómica el próximo 3 y 4 de Mayo en @DomesticoMX Nuevo León 80 Col. Condesa Ciudad […]

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