The World of Mezcal: Terroir & Agave


2013 was definitely a great year for Mezcal: the great mezcal producing region of Michoacan finally got their D.O. status, the “Ruta del Mezcal” was launched in Oaxaca, every day there were new producers of mezcal being certified in Mexico and Mezcal Tosba finally made it across the border! The Mezcal trend has certainly come […]

El Festival DARDO regresa!!


CAMPO MARTE. ENTRADA LIBRE. El Comité Nacional para la Sustentabilidad del Maguey, Mezcal y Destilados de Origen A.C., te da la bienvenida a DARDO, el festival de destilados artesanales de origen en su tercera edición. En él tendrás la oportunidad de disfrutar de una exposición gastronómica y cultural en donde podrás conocer las diferencias y […]

How One Journalist keeps confusing consumers about Agave

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I’m not one to write controversial articles about mezcal or agave. When I began this blog I made it my sole purpose to portray mezcal in a positive way and talk only about the wonderful things that make me love mezcal so much. But at times I have seen or heard things about mezcal, tequila […]

The Mezcalerías of Oaxaca


Originally published in on June 5, 2013 The city of Oaxaca is one of many colors, busy streets, and majestic horizons. It is known for its architecture, its art, and of course, its wonderful cuisine in which renowned Oaxacan chefs have undertaken the mission of creating exquisite dishes with traditional and local elements. But […]

Thanksgiving, Guajolote and Pechuga!

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Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite American Holidays. Celebrated all over the world by expats and people who are away from home, I always seemed to find myself having dinner or a celebration toast with a couple of wanderers or my bilingual friends who also shared a sense of nostalgia for the times […]

De la Chinampa… a tu mesa

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El paisaje de la Ciudad de México siempre ha sido fascinante tanto para los turistas como para los que vivimos en ella todos los días. Considerada la Ciudad de los Palacios por sus obras maestras de arquitectura barroca y neoclásica, así como las majestuosas ruinas de los Aztecas, la Ciudad de Méxco es un lugar […]

AMARGO: 2do Cortometraje de José Ramón Castillo

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El Maestro Chocolatero José Ramón Castillo presenta junto con SAGARPA e IMPULSO ORGANICO MEXICANO A.C. el segundo cortometraje en donde enaltece diferentes productos mexicanos, entre ellos el gusano de maguey y el mezcal. Hace un año, el Maestro Chocolatero José Ramón Castillo lanzó “Sinergia” su primer cortometraje en donde se centró en el trabajo que […]

Mezcal, craft cocktails and more in Orange County!

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The Craft movement has taken the world by storm lately, and Orange County is no exception! Whether its jewelry, fashion, home accessories, beer, wine, cheese, cupcakes, dog biscuits or mezcal, the craft trend has found a unique place in today’s market. Patchwork show: Edible Edition is an annual creative food summit in Southern California bringing […]



Mezcal, often referred to as Tequila’s older cousin, is one of Mexico’s most misunderstood spirits. Made from the agaves that are found exclusively in Mexico and now considered one of the world’s hippest drinks, mezcal’s reputation continues to be obscured by a series of misconceptions and myths. One of the most popular and personal favorite […]

La Niña del Mezcal @ TOTC 2013!


Tales of the Cocktail is back again and this time with a newfound interest in Agave Spirits. We all know Tequila and Mezcal have been pretty much on everybody’s minds and taste buds lately, but this special tasting event will transport you across the border to the Valleys of Oaxaca and beyond. With a curated […]

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