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The Cochon US Tour, executes a variety of unique, local food events that are focused on raising enthusiasm for supporting family farms with the world’s first environmentally conscious nose-to-tail pig competition. Created in response to the lack of consumer education around heritage breed pigs, this epic pork feast visits 20 major cities in North America annually. The tour also features a multitude of live-event expressions including Heritage BBQ (global cultures), Heritage Fire (live-fire event), EPIC Cochon (hyper-premium), Cochon Island (agri-tourism) and the new Mezcal Expressions. The events feature top chefs preparing whole heritage breed pigs and other locally raised proteins. Together with winemakers, brewers, distillers and craft food makers they create authentic culinary events celebrating champions in the good food movement. Since its launch, the tour has supported responsible family farming by allowing 50,000 people to taste heritage pork for the first time and by donating more than $450,000 to charities and culinary schools, and more than $750,000 directly to farmers.

Cochon 555 can be described as one of the most decadent culinary experiences, but with a conscience. Besides featuring 5 locally raised pigs, artisan wines, an Artisan Cheese Bar, a TarTare Bar, a Seafood Shelf featuring Rappahannock River Oysters, amongst other culinary treats, the Cochon555 Culinary Cocktail program brings a stellar lineup of spirits and experiences to the table, including Bourbons, Rhum, Tequila and of course, Mezcal! This year, La Niña del Mezcal has jumped on the Cochon Tour to showcase our signature Mezcals and Bacanora at the “Chupito” Mezcal Experience, alongside great agave spirits like Don Amado Mezcal, Fidencio Mezcal, Mezcales de Leyenda, Koch el Mezcal, La Venenosa and Mezcal Derrumbes, where agave fans will rejoice and find the perfect after pork digestif!

So check the schedule and don’t miss this epic pig party at one of these major cities:


For more details about the events, visit or follow @cochon555 on Twitter.

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