Craft Cocktails circa 1915

Many times I had heard of Venice Beach before, and many times I had pictured Leonardo Di Caprio standing against the sunset in a floral print shirt. I had never been to Venice and it was only until Armando (Producer of La Niña del Mezcal) told me to go to the heart of it to meet his brother in one of the oldest bars in the West side of Los Angeles.

Little did we know, that we would find ourselves in what once was a Speakeasy bar during Prohibition in California. Beneath the Townhouse lies the Del Monte Speakeasy, which still maintains the look and feel of the bootlegging establishment it once was, ever since the 1920’s when liquor was banned and booze was smuggled from the shores through secret tunnels under the street of Venice.

The Townhouse is certainly a landmark in Venice Beach and its list of craft cocktails are far from disappointing. From classic Old Fashioned’s made with small batch Rye to a great selection of micro and seasonal brews, it is needless to say that the bartenders at the Townhouse are ready to prepare any spirited drink. Not only are they masters at the art of cocktails, but I must admit I felt right at home when Brandon made me a concoction of La Niña del Mezcal ESPADIN, Chartreuse VEP, and Amaro, which not only blended perfectly with the smokiness of the mezcal, but enhanced its fruity and spicy agave flavor.

The Townhouse in Venice is definitely now one of my favorite cocktail bars, and I can’t wait to come back and find what new surprises will be on their winter menu.



52 Windward Ave
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 392-4040


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