Mezcal Mondays, Repeal day and a little bit of history…

Just in time for Repeal day… well, this one may not have anything to do with repeal day in the US, but just like booze was prohibited in the 20’s, mezcal was once a prosecuted spirit in Mexico!

The prohibition of mezcal by the state in Mexico began in 1785, when the Spanish Crown prohibited the production and sale of national distilled spirits like mezcal, aguardiente and coconut liquor, which competed with the imported Spanish products like wine and brandy.

10 years later, the Crown granted Jose Maria Guadalupe Cuervo permission to produce “vino de mezcal de tequila”, and the rest is history… (Click here for more information on the history and production of mezcal)

 So let’s begin the celebration of all Repeal Days with a Mezcal Monday, shall we:


Cocktail Created by Gilbert Marquez

 Mezcal ESPADIN 
Tequila Joven
Green Chartreuse
Lime juice
Pineapple juice
Simple syrup



Gilbert Marquez is a recognized Mixologist specialized in Mezcal and other agave spirits. You can currently find him creating cocktails as the head bartender at Mercado in Santa Monica.

1416 4th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 526-7121

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