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FIVE CHEFS, FIVE PIGS, FIVE WINEMAKERS AND ALL THE MEZCAL!! The Cochon US Tour, executes a variety of unique, local food events that are focused on raising enthusiasm for supporting family farms with the world’s first environmentally conscious nose-to-tail pig competition. Created in response to the lack of consumer education around heritage breed pigs, this epic […]

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La Niña del Mezcal

Welcome to La Niña del Mezcal, the go-to guide for the mezcal aficionado. Whether it's straight from the palenques or in one of New York City's trendiest bars, we examine the facts and news to deliver an insider’s take on the mezcal experience.

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How One Journalist keeps confusing consumers about Agave

I’m not one to write controversial articles about mezcal or agave. When I began this blog I made it my sole purpose to portray mezcal in a positive way and talk only about the wonderful things that make me love mezcal so much. But at times I have seen or heard things about mezcal, tequila […]


The Mezcalerías of Oaxaca

Originally published in on June 5, 2013 The city of Oaxaca is one of many colors, busy streets, and majestic horizons. It is known for its architecture, its art, and of course, its wonderful cuisine in which renowned Oaxacan chefs have undertaken the mission of creating exquisite dishes with traditional and local elements. But […]

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Thanksgiving, Guajolote and Pechuga!

Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite American Holidays. Celebrated all over the world by expats and people who are away from home, I always seemed to find myself having dinner or a celebration toast with a couple of wanderers or my bilingual friends who also shared a sense of nostalgia for the times […]

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