Mezcal Collective Class at La Urbana| June 15th San Francisco

la urbana tasting

The setting: San Francisco, inside the Mexico City inspired creation of entrepreneur Eduardo Rallo and Mexican architect/restauranteur Juan Garduño, La Urbana. The mood: Tarde Mezcalera… Each month, La Urbana invites enthusiastic fans or curious first-timers to taste some of the world’s best mezcals in its garage bar. This month, La Niña del Mezcal comes back […]

DARDO 2015: Regresa el mejor festival de Destilados Artesanales en México!


Solo falta un día, y sin importar el clima, mañana será un gran día para los destilados artesanales Mexicanos! Mezcal, Bacanora, Raicilla, Sotol y destilados de agave de distintas regiones de México estarán presentes para representar lo mejor de nuestras tradiciones. Los destilados en México han jugado un papel clave en nuestra cultura desde hace […]

Agave Girl ~ Camille Austin

camille austin

Long gone are the days when mezcal was referred to as Tequila’s unsophisticated cousin. Mezcal and its multiple array of varietals have opened up our senses to an endless range of floral, herbal, spicy and citric notes (to name a few) that make it one of the most complex spirits in the world. In a society where […]

Agave Girls Roadtrip 2015 #LaninaMX


May has just begun, and it seems like life over the last couple of months has been on a nonstop whirlwind of experiences, excitement, and encounters with some of my favorite people in the industry. April began on a high note when I met Éva Pelczer, Jen Len, and Hilary Chadwick (3 of my favorite […]

Lust for Life

lust for life

With December comes a time to put on cozy oversized sweaters, cuddle up next to a warm fire and reminisce about the wonderful memories we forged next to friends and loved ones during the year. But there also comes a time to think about what lies ahead and how we plan to renew ourselves for […]

2014 Winter Boxes de Lactography

winter box

Las Winter Boxes de Lactography traen lo mejor de los productos artesanales Mexicanos a tu mesa esta Navidad! Las winter boxes de los lactografos nacen con la idea de llevar a la mesa productos honestos, de calidad, 100% mexicanos, y por supuesto no podía faltar el mezcal de La Niña del Mezcal! Descripción Los productos […]

A Signature Drink


Life is always about making choices. What school you’re going to, what you will be when you grow up, who will you marry, and even what you would like to drink. If I have learned anything during the past 25 years of my life, it is that every decision you take will define the next. […]

El Festival DARDO regresa!!


CAMPO MARTE. ENTRADA LIBRE. El Comité Nacional para la Sustentabilidad del Maguey, Mezcal y Destilados de Origen A.C., te da la bienvenida a DARDO, el festival de destilados artesanales de origen en su tercera edición. En él tendrás la oportunidad de disfrutar de una exposición gastronómica y cultural en donde podrás conocer las diferencias y […]

How One Journalist keeps confusing consumers about Agave

oaxaca 2 169

I’m not one to write controversial articles about mezcal or agave. When I began this blog I made it my sole purpose to portray mezcal in a positive way and talk only about the wonderful things that make me love mezcal so much. But at times I have seen or heard things about mezcal, tequila […]

The Mezcalerías of Oaxaca


Originally published in on June 5, 2013 The city of Oaxaca is one of many colors, busy streets, and majestic horizons. It is known for its architecture, its art, and of course, its wonderful cuisine in which renowned Oaxacan chefs have undertaken the mission of creating exquisite dishes with traditional and local elements. But […]

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