Mezcal, often referred to as Tequila’s older cousin, is one of Mexico’s most misunderstood spirits. Made from the agaves that are found exclusively in Mexico and now considered one of the world’s hippest drinks, mezcal’s reputation continues to be obscured by a series of misconceptions and myths. One of the most popular and personal favorite […]

The road to mezcal… and BEYOND!


2012 was definitely the year of Mezcal. Bar tenders, bloggers and cocktail geeks everywhere have been captivated by this smoky spirit that is taking the world by surprise. Mezcal, often misunderstood for a low quality spirit with a silly worm inside, has gained its place in some of the most renowned bars and restaurants in […]

Mitos del Mezcal

¿Cuál es más fuerte… el mezcal o el tequila?

Mezcal Mondays, Repeal day and a little bit of history…


Just in time for Repeal day… well, this one may not have anything to do with repeal day in the US, but just like booze was prohibited in the 20’s, mezcal was once a prosecuted spirit in Mexico! The prohibition of mezcal by the state in Mexico began in 1785, when the Spanish Crown prohibited […]

El MEZCABULARIO de Ulises Torrentera

in-situ mezcaleria

Durante mi última y prolongada estancia en Oaxaca, tuve la fortuna de disfrutar al máximo de la vida cotidiana de esta maravillosa ciudad. No hay nada como comenzar el día corriendo por las calles empedradas de la Verde Antequera, mientras sus habitantes apenas despiertan y los artesanos acomodan sus puestos cuidadosamente para recibir a los […]

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