La Niña del Mezcal @ TOTC 2013!

Tales of the Cocktail is back again and this time with a newfound interest in Agave Spirits. We all know Tequila and Mezcal have been pretty much on everybody’s minds and taste buds lately, but this special tasting event will transport you across the border to the Valleys of Oaxaca and beyond. With a curated selection of the world’s rarest blanco, reposado and añejo tequilas and mezcals, all served straight so you can get to know these spirits in their purest form, The Finer Side of Mexico promises to be one of the best agave events of the year!

Unfortunately, as much as I would’ve loved to be in New Orleans at this precise moment, it was impossible for me to make it to Tales of the Cocktail this year. But fear not agave lovers, the lovely Cari Hah from Cole’s in Downtown LA, otherwise known as Lil’ Twisted Ninja for her unique Sangrita endeavors with her partner Jaymee Mandeville, will be making La Niña del Mezcal justice at The Finer Side of Mexico tasting event.

Cari Hah, aka Lil’ Twisted Ninja

Along with Seattle’s Alexandra Smith from Liberty Bar, trained in mezcal skills by Andrew Friedman himself, both girls will be representing and pouring La Niña del Mezcal Espadin neat for everyone. Besides the fact that I love Cari and have only the highest amount of respect for her and her ability to follow her dream and do what she loves, her extensive knowledge and passion for Agave Spirits and Alexandra’s mezcal background from the NorthWest mecca of mezcal, make them the perfect ladies to represent La Niña in a room full of mezcaleros and tequileros.

If you’re heading to New Orleans, or are already sipping Bloody Mary’s and Negronis on Bourbon Street, keep an eye out for this one. Come meet Cari, Alexandra and La Niña del Mezcal at The Finer Side of Mexico this Thursday July 18th at Le Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom in the Hotel Monteleone. No matter how well you think you know mezcal, we guarantee you will fall in love all over again!


THE FINER SIDE OF MEXICO – Tales of the Cocktail 2013

Thursday July 18th, 2013 
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Le Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom, Hotel Monteleone
New Orleans, Louisiana



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